Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have to book a ticket?

You can visit our terminals at Abuja, Lagos, Enugu or book online from the comfort of your home to secure your ticket.

How do I book a ticket?
1. Go to Lord's Express Transport home page(;
2. Select book online to get a ticket for your trip.
3. Select your departure and destination, date, number of seat(s), desired vehicle,  and enter passenger’s information, then proceed to pay online.

Can I make reservation for my trip and how long can my reservation(s) be valid for?
Yes. You can make reservation(s) for your seats and it is valid for 3 days.

How can I make reservation for my trip?
Go to the Lord's Express Transport home page (
Go through the booking processes but do not make payment, the system automatically recognizes the seat number you chose as being reserved for you. Our customer care representative will reach out to you via call or email to know when you intend making payment for your trip.   

What are the travel routes for ATM?

Presently, the Lord's Express Transport journey through the following routes;
Enugu to Abuja FCT (Utako)
Enugu to Lagos (Cele)
Enugu to Lagos (Ajah).
Abuja FCT (Utako) to Enugu,
Lagos (Ajah) to Enugu,
Lagos (Cele) to Enugu,

For charter, we go to every part of the country in Nigeria

Where are the Lord's Express Transport terminals located worldwide?

Kindly click on destination menu above.

 What are the current travel schedules for the Lord's Express Transport?

The Lord's Express has vehicles available for every day trips.

 What are the current ticket fares?

Ticket fare depends on the category of the vehicle and destination. The value is subject to change if need arises. Go to destination on the menu to view current fare.

 How do I confirm that my ticket has been booked and paid for?

Once your transaction is successful, a confirmation and receipt shall be sent to the email you provided during the booking process and a ticket will also be available for you to print after successful booking. You will also be given your receipt before departure.

Can I cancel my booking after payment and do you refund?

The company operates a non-refundable policy. You can reschedule your trip within a period of 1 month, excluding pick periods. Extra fees of 10% of the initial amount paid will apply and it must be done a date before the travel date.

What payment methods are available?

The payment methods include; Online payment using Bank,  Naira debit cards - Visa cards, Master cards, Verve cards, POS and Pay cash over the counter.

What happens if I lose an item in the vehicle or in the vehicle terminal?

Monitoring of luggage(s) is your the sole responsibility of the owner; however, we would help in tracing the luggage(s) left in our vehicle or premises if we are promptly informed.

How do I pay for excess luggage?

Excess luggage should be paid for at the counter. Please request for your receipt after payment.